Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge

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Property Information

Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge
Richland road
Kandy Central N/A
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Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your room, you then open your front door to one of the most spectacular views imaginable – majestic mountains, lush green valleys and tea plantations, crystal clear streams and even the occasional deer or giant squirrel. Take a deep breath of the fresh air and pinch yourself – no, you’re not dreaming…

This is Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka offering a revolutionary and contemporary concept to the traditional warmth and hospitality that Sri Lanka is famous for.

Nestled on a picturesque tea plantation, on the Knuckles Mountain Range 1000 meters above sea level, Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge will treat travelers to magnificent views, top class facilities, friendly and courteous service and plenty of things to see and do.

Property Features

  1. Free Parking
  2. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  3. Guest Laundry
  4. In House Movies
  5. Library
  6. Tour Desk
  7. WiFi Internet
  8. Business Center
  9. On Site Restaurant

Accommodation Details

Terms & Conditions

Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge is a truly unique destination for mountain adventure and deep rejuvenation. We aim to make your time here, on the borders of the Knuckles Mountain Ranges, one of genuine rest and relaxation with experiences that will create lifelong memories. In the years since we’ve opened the Lodge, we’ve learnt a thing or two in operating in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. The following important notes have been compiled in an effort to
share our learnings and understandings of the surrounding areas to make your stay with us perfect.

Drive Times and Road Conditions:
The drive time from Kandy town is approximately 1.5 hours at an average speed.The road conditions towards the end of the journey are in a state of repair, and you will find the roads windy in certain areas, as your vehicle climbs higher in elevations.A carefully driven vehicle can manage the drive perfectly well.
Check-in and Check-out: Check in time is at 1pm and check out time is 11am. Early and late check in and check out can be accommodated depending on availability and with adequate prior notice.Weather: The weather during December to April is best in the Hill Country. Temperatures range from 30 during the day and can drop to 20 in the evenings. The days are generally bright and cool, but don’t be fooled, wear sunscreen when out in the open as the sun is still harsh, especially in higher altitudes. You may need a jumper or a shawl for the
evenings which can sometimes be windy or chilly. May is a month of heavy rain, but even watching the rains fall over the mountains is a real sight. If you are travelling during the ‘shoulder’ months, don’t be alarmed at short bursts of rainfall and thick mist, both of which are usually short and passing spells.

Your Tented Lodge:

  • Property: Each tented lodge and the main building has been designed with a lot of care, thought and love – soft furnishings and fittings and antiques have been carefully handpicked and are of great sentimental and financial value to the Madulkelle family. In the event of loss of or damage to property, we will regrettably be forced to recover the costs from you.

Being in the hill country, sound carries faster and to a great distance. Being a culturally responsible establishment, we request that no loud music be played after 10pm from your tent.

Being located in a very religious and colorful Hindu community, festivals are a regular fixture of local life and unavoidably, the sound carries through the valleys when a festival is in procession, even a festival a few towns away! We highly recommend you experience these festivals firsthand and if you wishwe’d be happy to organize this.

Third party guests:
As general practice, we only entertain confirmed guests who have booked with us and
are staying with us.

Bugs and Mosquitos:
We advise you to always zip up your tent when you go out, to keep out bugs and mosquitos. If
you don’t have mosquito repellent, we’d be happy to provide you a herbal balm that usually works well – just ask the front desk.

Small children are to be accompanied by parents at all times, especially by the pool area as there are sharp edges, steep and this area can be very slippery. The use of the pool table inside the main building is for adults and only children over 12.

Personal Belongings:
The hotel is not responsible for the safety of guest’s personal belongings and valuable items.
Safety lockers are available at the front office, free of charge. Each tented lodge has a padlock to lock tents and we advise that you always lock your tent while you are away from your lodge.

Pathways: Always use the pathways for walking, as shortcuts are prone to be slippery or uneven and this will help you avoid leech bites!

We urge guests to refrain from smoking inside their tents due to fire hazards. To make this an
inclusive eco lodge, we maintain a strict no smoking policy inside our mainoffice and restaurant areas.

Rain: On rainy days, outside your tent and the main building can be slippery so tread with caution.

Fire safety: As a general safety precaution, we do not allow flammable, explosive, toxic or other dangerous substances be brought into our premises. No fireworks, fire crackers or use of any open flame item (candles etc.) are allowed on our premises.

Spa Hours and Reservations:
Our Spa is open from 9am to 7.30pm. Spa treatments need to be booked well in advance, and treatments can be had in the privacy of your tent’s terrace.

Always be accompanied by one of our guides while on a trek. They carry bottled drinking water and are prepared for situations of leech bites and wasp attacks and know the surrounding area well.Any existing injuries or physical limitations you may have should be communicated to us before embarking on a trek, walk or activity.

Leeches and Wasps:
The surrounding areas are full of leeches, especially after a heavy rain or in areas close to
waterfalls, rivers or any space close to water. Leeches are not harmful at all, but a leech bite could cause mild itching. Your trek guide will know how to remove a leech and can show you how, or do this for you. We provide leech socks for treks on request or an herbal repellent.
Wasp attacks, while not common, are a factor of life in the Hill Country. A wasp sting is not fatal, but can be painful.While trekking or out in the forests with your guide, follow his instructions at all times to avoid disturbing a wasp nest and above all remain calm when passing by a wasp nest. Should you be stung, your guide will transfer you by local tuk-tuk or a vehicle to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Dress Code in and Around the Premises:
Being located among a very conservative Hindu community, we advise you to cover shoulders and wear knee length shorts/skirts while exploring the countryside and tea plantations
or when visiting Hindu temples. Being a family friendly property, we would appreciate if smart casual attire is worn at meal times as well.

Giving Back:
Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge have initiated several projects that give back to the local community and we have a great working relationship with community leaders in ensuring that the interests of children in this area are safeguarded at all times. If you would like to give back in any form to any of the beautiful children or people you may meet along the way on a trek or while exploring the surrounding areas, we urge you to allow us to make the contribution on your behalf, through any one of our various programs. We will ensure that your contribution will
reach the specific child, children or people you met along the way – this would allow us to uphold and preserve the cultural values of the community

Cancellations to be notify 14 days prior to arrival

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